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Trip to Eternal Anchor Postponed

We had a crew of wonderful women ready to go meet everyone at Eternal Anchor and serve there. Flights, hotels and car rentals were all reserved in November 2019 for a April 2020 trip. Well, right before the trip to the orphanage we made the tough decision to postpone it due to COVID-19. Since we don't have that trip to share we thought we would share our plans for the trip:

  • We are working on a line of jewelry that is made by everyone at Eternal Anchor for which 100% of those proceeds will go to them for that product. We will bring the product down there and work one on one to teach them how to create the pieces

  • Along with many international non-profit organizations, Eternal Anchor has been financially impacted from COVID-19. So right now our proceeds are going to whatever they need but eventually we will be putting a majority of our proceeds towards construction and buildings. They are the only orphanage in a 300 mile radius from their community that takes in orphans with disabilities so they continuously have a wait list. One of the many steps to expanding the organization and bringing in kids on the wait list is building more structures there and this is where we are called to help. Being able to go there will help us visualize where and what type of buildings are needed.

  • Pray together. We believe prayer is powerful and we are continuously praying for Eternal Anchor. There is just something about coming together with your fellow brothers and sisters, holding hands (yes, use hand sani before and after), bowing your heads and praying together.

  • And of course, we are looking forward to meeting everyone in person at Eternal Anchor.

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